Saturday, August 20, 2011

We are One!

Today as i was standing by my window, to see the evening sun go down,a streak of thoughts went past my mind...The sky which would have been vibrant blue during the hot noon and would be dark at night is, at the moment filled with so many colors...Red,Violet,Pink,Orange...Colors of life which soothe and calm your mind Colors which have numerous shades and have numerous meanings too...
As the human kind has developed, we started making conventions...we gave meaning to everything around us.As said by Paulo Coelho in his book, "The Winner stands alone",
           "Every color has a purpose,although people may think they're chosen at random.White signifies purity and integrity. Black intimidates. Red shocks and paralyzes. Yellow attracts attention. Green calms everything and gives things go ahead. Blue soothes. Orange confuses."
In our country also we have related colors to our religious believes. Orange for a religion and green for the other...So we find numerous colors and countless references for them. But in the language of Science which is the most prominent language of the modern era, yet ignored, "All colors have the same origin...White". The complete spectrum of colors comes from this color which stands as a symbol of purity, integrity and in turn a symbol of divinity....
After getting through such a thought process I returned from the sky back to the earth...and from my window at the streets. I found vehicles running past each other, vendors were collecting there wares and getting back to their places and the hustle and bustle of the city. We work day and night to earn a good living, we celebrate festivals and enjoy our lives, we belong to different religions and castes, we follow various cultures and traditions, but we co-exist because human beings are Social animals. But in the language of human kind, of our inner soul...which is again the most prominent language not from an era but since centuries...."All human beings have the same origin; we are a part of the same entity. This entity is the divine, it's our Creator."
I wont give any name to our creator. We are familiar with it, we worship it with the name and in the form we have given to it...As years passed and the tide of time splashed, this entity didn't remain as one and it got divided..by it's name...by it's form...for different nations,religions,states,cultures,etc.,Some called it Shree Ram, some Rahim, some Jesus, Guru Nanak and Gautam Buddha...The references we have given to our creator are innumerable ...they are countless like the stars that lie scattered in the boundless sky..or like the colors that fill the sky at dusk and dawn...
The message here that I want to give is not about the presence of so many colors or the way we have divided our creator...
Indeed its the beauty of the thought that all colors have the same origin "white"..The thought of "Integrity in diversity" or "The feeling to be one in-spite of all the differences, all the boundaries....."
"Let the vibrant colors shine,
Let the boundless sky be yours
And let it be mine...."

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