Monday, June 13, 2011

People vs Power

A number of events occurred this summer with the major being, the  rise of India against corruption. The country became one and its people came together against corruption.Beginning with the Anna Hazare's hunger strike in April at New Delhi, that provoked people to stand united against an issue, which is one of the most serious issues till now...and which has resulted into the 2G scam, the cwg scam, the Adarsh housing society case and many more...There had been movements, discussions, marches and social gatherings all around the country in order to support Anna Hazare's call to pass the Lokpaal bill.
And then Yoga Guru Ramdev Baba came into picture with a demand to bring the the Indian currency from the Swiss bank back to the country. He called for people's support  at Ramlila Maidan, Delhi. And then after that all of us know the kind of brutal action that was undertaken by the Delhi police.This left the people there perturbed and perplexed and every individual who saw that action on television "numb".But after this so called incident, everything seemed to be dramatic. Prior to the ramdev baba's prolonged event..certain political issues seemed to be involved within the complete action.
The party at power don't want regarding this matter and so they forcibly hushed people out of the ground at midnight.....And the parties not at center, demand for an answer because they want to be at power.The civics don't seem be a part of this movement and at one sight it looks as a mere political game and Baba having a desire for a mass support to create a political background.
But may be this is just a single side of the coin..and in fact we aren't aware of the other side or what is going on behind the scene.
Well, we can be sure of one thing that now we are awakening no doubt slowly but we have to fight for our rights that we owe being an Indian citizen.The government should look into this matter with a more humane approach. A citizen has a right to protest according to the constitution.