Thursday, July 21, 2011


"The struggle for existence"
This is nothing new and is continuing from centuries....wherein the human beings and the natural elements are literally fighting for survival on the Blue planet.The Blue planet which is slowly turning into a concrete planet with a smoky atmosphere.The blues and the greens of the planet are disappearing leaving behind the smoky grays! Animals frequently sneak into the human habitats because their own habitats have been inhumanly cut down. We have been trying to subjugate the power of nature.Now we have to be prepared for the after effects of our attempts to make mother nature our "Helot". Natural disasters are the nature's reply to man's deeds. The recent devastation caused by Tsunami and earthquake in Japan and the changes in the pacific ocean zone are soon going to cause threat to the western coastal areas of north and south America, Japan and New Zea land are just a few examples...
We have cut down a number of agricultural lands to create space for new developments...
Talking about my own city Indore, which was green half a decade ago and had cultivable lands at its peripheries.The city especially the eastern zone and along the Agra-Bombay highway had thousands of trees.But under the name of so called development,the trees were cleared and the fields were converted to big residential and industrial accomplishments, which is really disappointing.The question that strikes my mind at this point is that,If this is the condition of a single city then what about the state,the nation and the whole world?This is a very big question mark....
With the synthesis of polythene in 1898 though was accidental but with it we went a step ahead in disrupting the Nature.
Depleting resources, increased number of disasters like tsunamis,floods etc.stand as a proof of the fact that  man stands no where in front of the power of nature and it is a red alert as well.Its high time now to approve of this fact and need is to work  upon something like, "Herculean efforts" to save our Earth, otherwise
"We are obviously heading towards our end....."

Certain measures that we must opt for, at individual levels could be:-
1.Tree Plantation
2.Saving electricity
3.Consume less amount of fuel by using cycle as a medium of transport because this can make up not only for our environment but also its healthy.If the use of vehicle is inevitable..use CNG as the fuel.
4.Save water by using bucket instead of shower while bathing and apply the same for our every activity that requires the use of water.
5.Avoid the use of plastic.
6.Do not throw plastic bags and bottles anywhere and everywhere because they can not be destroyed,they can choke pipelines and stop the flow of water.Or they can also be eaten by some hungry cattle....because we have snatched their grasslands away from them....
7.Lastly,this measure is not mechanical indeed its more of a philosophical one.....just admire the nature for a while and you will understand the seriousness of this issue.......... 

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