Friday, May 4, 2012

The old messenger named...Life

"जितनी बुरी कही जाती हैं 
उतनी बुरी नहीं हैं दुनिया 
बच्चो के स्कुल में शायद 
तुमसे मिली नहीं हैं दुनिया 

चार घरो के एक मोहल्ले के 
बाहर भी हैं आबादी 
जैसी तुम्हे दिखाई दे हैं 
सबकी वही नहीं हैं दुनिया 

भाग रही हैं गेंद के पीछे 
जाग रही हैं चाँद के नीचे  
शोर भरे काले तारों से 
अब तक डरी नहीं  हैं दुनिया "
                                         -निदा फाजली 

"Life is a mystery"...more you Live, the more it reveals.

Once a little baby ant went up to its mother and asked sadly, "Mom! We are always moving up and down,working, searching for food, running here and there to save our lives...Yet we are not happy.But humans, even though sitting with a group of other humans...they are so happy, laughing loudly...". Mother replied, "Dear, its because we survive and they live"....
We have a wonderful BIG life to live-on, we have so much to look around, to feel beautiful, to smell, to taste....But aren't we loosing these senses and emotions, day-by-day...

One day as I was passing by the beach, looking through the waving sea, I saw an old man sitting on a lonely abandoned wooden bench. A very aged man with white silky hair, long white beard, sad heavy eyes, big eyelashes, and a sad face. I went up and sat beside him.He looked up from his oversized eye lashes...a bit scared, I asked the reason of his immense sadness.

Answer came after a while,
"My name is Life..A messenger of God..I don't have an existence of my own...I look what you think of me, what you feel about me, I am your Perception. Today, you all are so busy...running around, backstabbing, harassing, blood shedding. There are evil forces working around. You people feel that the world is just what your eyes can see, and if unwilling things happen or harsh situations come across...you simply loose all hopes. All this because you have forgotten me, you have forgotten my importance. I have been left lonely....and that's why I am getting older. Ironically, you are searching me on the Internet, surfing the ways to live me well....GOD...Once you start living...going beyond a mere survival....I will get back my Youth, my colors, my vivacity...Just come out of your 'virtual personal worlds'...use your senses before you loose them...and I will be happy and young again..."

His words pinched my ears and touched my heart...His cold wrinkled face, the greys in his persona and the sadness in his eyes...Have we made our Life, feel helpless to such an extent....have we really forgotten about our life...Or have our virtual worlds simply dragged us out of the Real one...

And as Arthur Conan Doyle says:
"Life is infinitely stranger than anything the mind could invent

So if its that strange why not live it...Along with it, let the old messenger of god, stay young, colorful and happy forever...

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